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Michelle Nadler ’21

Communications major is practicing gratefulness and using her car to bring food to friends.

During the crisis, I have been using gratefulness as a tool in order to stay humble, and I use my privilege continue to give to others.

Having a car enables me to go food shopping for several people in my life who do not have a way to get to the store or who are especially vulnerable to infection.

I am very lucky to be able to help my partner, her elderly mother, and one of my friends living on campus so that they can all abide by the guidelines of staying indoors and practicing physical distancing.

Everyone is already under immense amounts of stress and going through dramatic life changes, so I am happy to make food the least of their concerns.

SUNY Purchase has also helped to keep students fed by still keeping a dining location open on the campus and implementing a food pantry system that makes personalized bags of food available to students in need. This has helped myself and many others beyond imaginable.

Last week was my mother’s birthday. She has stage 3 cancer, and therefore fits the criteria for the most vulnerable people during this time.

I could not be with her in person on her special day for the purpose of keeping her safe, so I took a photo of the card I made for her and sent it to her as a digital file.

Even though this was not the way I preferred to celebrate her, I understood that my gesture was the most I could do if I wanted to maintain her health as my priority.

I think generosity will ultimately get us through this crisis. A phone call, an email, or a letter in the mail might be what uplifts your friend or reminds your relative that they are loved.