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Rebecca Oling

Associate Librarian has become a community organizer.

“I have become a community organizer!

“It began as a small effort through my local synagogue and we have now amassed over 30 volunteers to do various levels of tasks depending on the risks they are willing to take.

We partner with local organizations like Feeding Westchester and Caritas of Port Chester to ensure better safety practices based on the feedback of volunteers.

We partner with grocery stores and pharmacies to ensure safer pickup by volunteers who deliver to the elderly, immunocompromised and those with COVID.

We are finding that the definition of food insecure is shifting as people with means or those afflicted with COVID can’t even get slots for delivery of items, so we are helping them all.

We are also helping emergency workers by collection PPE and donations for food and treats, including mask collection!

We are spreading love, not the virus!

Rebecca Oling, Associate Librarian