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Access to Software

1. Adobe Software  

As a result of the transition to remote delivery of classes for the remainder of the semester, student access to labs and classrooms with Adobe Creative Cloud may not be possible for students who have returned to their homes.  In response to this nationwide need, 

Please be advised that Adobe temporary access has bee discontinued as of July 6, 2020 for students.

Student Options are as follows:

1. Purchase your own license. You can buy one through E-Academy. Current students are eligible to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud at a rate of $19.99 a month.

2. Request a loaner machine from CTS as we could install a shared device license on it since it is College owned. Submit a CTS work request.

3. Use an open source alternative. Some can be found at: Alternative Adobe Products.

4. Use Adobe in an on-campus computer lab. If you are on campus or within commuting distance, Adobe remains available on all computer lab machines.

Current students are eligible to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud at a rate of $19.99 a month. Purchases can be made through E-Academy.

Please see our Adobe Access page for instructions on how to enable access to Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device.
Many faculty who already have full access to Adobe CC prior to this offer can continue using it as normal and are not impacted.
If you do choose to participate in this free trial from Adobe, you only need to install the components you want to use - you do not have to install the entire CC suite. Keep in mind that even individual components can be quite large, occupy substantial disk space, and may take some time to download. If you have a robust computer with plenty of disk space and a fast Internet connection, you’re probably ok. However, on an older, slower laptop without much disk space, you may want to Google “Open Source Alternatives to Adobe CC” - as there are many other options.
If you see a prompt to try or buy Adobe products, you can safely ignore it - no purchases are necessary. Users who already have a personal subscription to Adobe CC can continue to use their personal subscription.  
All Purchase College users have been granted access to Adobe Spark for Education, which provides 2gb of cloud storage for Adobe CC files or assets.
Please submit a CTS Work Order if you need additional assistance.
2. Other Software and Internet Access
Adobe isn’t the only vendor responding to COVID-19 with free trial versions for education, many vendors are doing that.
To obtain Autodesk software, please see Autodesk Education.
SUNY has negotiated temporary at-home access to SPSS and Mathematica licenses. Please submit a CTS Work Order if you want a temporary SPSS or Mathematica License.

You can obtain a free trial of Final Cut or Logic software from Apple.  
Local Internet providers (Altice/Cablevison for the NYMetro area) are also offering free broadband service for new residential connections for 60 days.

3. Zoom
Faculty and staff who would like a full Zoom license should submit a CTS Work Order with that subject line. We have already distributed hundreds of licenses.
Students who would like thier own Zoom license can visit Zoom and sign up for a “free” license (some features restricted - i.e. no dial-in number for voice-only participants.)
For any questions you may have about using Zoom, please see our Zoom Page.
CTS support staff are using Zoom to provide remote support for faculty and staff who are working from alternate locations.  
4. Helpdesk Support Services
With the sudden shift to remote delivery, CTS is also adjusting services to ensure that we continue to support classes and administrative operations.
To that end, CTS has set up a Live Support Zoom Room where you can “virtually drop in” and speak to our support staff frim 8am-6pm Monday-Thursday and Fridays from 8am-4:45pm.
As always, you can submit a CTS Work Order or email support at