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Tutoring Now All Online

The Learning Center is now offering all online tutoring through the Online Writing Lab or Zoom. 

In keeping with the move to online classes, the Learning Center will now hold all tutoring sessions online using Zoom or the Online Writing Lab. OWL procedures are as usual; upload your essay as a Word doc using the OWL schedule on WCOnline. For a real-time, live session, please schedule on WCOnline as usual, and at the start of your session time, go to the schedule and copy/paste the URL next to your tutor’s name into your browser to join their Zoom session.  WCOnline schedule with Zoom URL circled WCOnline schedule with Zoom URL circled


Students will also be able to access drop-in tutoring without an appointment using the same link. Wayback tutoring hours have been added to the main WCOnline schedule to reflect that all tutoring is now occurring online.  

Please feel free to direct any questions about Learning Center tutoring to, and questions about Einstein Corner tutoring to