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Charlotte Johansen

Majors: New Media and Mathematics/Computer Science

Charlotte Johansen is a double major in the New Media art program and in Math/Comp Science. She also takes classes in anthropology to give her insight into other people and cultures. “When designing, which is a great part of both my majors, you need to understand what your audience needs and through anthropology you’re able to study that,” she says.

She comes from a family of mathematicians and computer scientists. While she’s very interested in graphic design, she chose New Media since it’s a combination of both design and digital media, and later added Math/Comp Sci when she found the coding classes appealing.

Her interest in anthropology came as a result of taking core curriculum/gen ed courses. She encourages anyone considering Purchase take a chance and explore something new. You never know where it may lead.

She chose Purchase because the classes are small and the community is tight knit and accepting. She also appreciates the proximity to New York City and takes advantage of the networking and work opportunities it offers. She hopes to pursue a career helping government agencies create better web interfaces based on audience need.

Charlotte Johansen