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Sustainability Advisory and Outreach Committee (SAOC) Elevated to Senate

The SAOC, formerly Sustainability Committee, has been officially elevated to a Senate Committee to be more integrated into College Governance as of September 2019


The Sustainability Advisory and Outreach Committee (SAOC) will work to establish a culture of environmental stewardship as a fundamental practice and priority for Purchase College both immediately and for the future.

The committee shall be responsible for:

  • advising the Senate, campus administration, and other departments on institutional policies and practices to encourage resource conservation, recycling, waste reductions, and environmentally sustainable operations;
  • improving environmental literacy and responsibility among faculty, staff, and students; and
  • engaging with SUNY-led, regional, or national sustainability initiatives as appropriate


Allyson Jackson

Voting Members

Matthew Immergut
Ragnhild Utheim
Allyson Jackson
Brooke Singer
Nicole Helregel

Professional Staff
Amit Joshi
Els Van Den Bosch
Gabriella Alfoldi

Recycling Coordinator
Anthony Latassa

Sustainability Coordinator: Rob Bertolacci
President, Green Team: Morgan Bredwood-Green

Non-voting Members
Sustainability Coordinator: Angie Kim
Senior Energy Manager: Tom Kelly
Senior Director of Facilities and Capital Planning: Mike Kopas