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Voice is Having a Moment!

Voice is having a moment according to Kai Ryssdal, host of Marketplace. Podcasts, elearning platforms, and Siri/Alexa are creating an increased demand for voices.

Listen to this installment of “My Economy” called “Building a marketplace for voices” that may inspire you to enroll in the Voiceover Intensive taught by seasoned voiceover veteran, Rafael Ferrer, and (NEW) How to Start a Podcast, taught by assistant professor of communications and an award-winning documentary filmmaker, Megan Rossman.

Voice Over Intensive

Gain experience in voiceover, script breakdown, promotion, commercials, movie trailers, and animation. Understand how to work with directors and compete in undirected auditions. Work on tone, voice quality, volume, inflection phrasing, and versatility in multiple genres. Obtain valuable feedback in a critique and an open Q&A with one of the top New York voiceover agents in the industry. 

CED 1015 / noncredit / $320
Discount: $295 (Purchase College matriculated students, employees, alumni, and Overture members of Broadview)
Instructor: Rafael Ferrer
October 19—November 23
Saturday, 10:00 am—12:00 pm
Fort Awesome, room 138
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*NEW* How to Start a Podcast

Develop and complete the first episode of your own podcast in this weekend workshop using the Purchase College TV studio! Discuss different styles of podcasting, understand best practices for developing and pitching a show, learn basic audio editing techniques with Adobe Audition, learn to use professional audio recorders, and discover tips about podcast audience building and distribution.

CED 1110 / noncredit / $395
Discount: $370 (Purchase College matriculated students, employees, alumni, and Overture members of Broadview)
Instructor: Megan Rossman
October 5 and 6
Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am—5:30 pm
Humanities Building, room 2042A/B
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