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Internship Spotlight:

Umbrella House Apothecary
Paula Merchan | Spring 2019

Umbrella House is an amazing squat in Lower East Side Manhattan. This community-based lifestyle has led my supervisor to create a section in the communal roof garden dedicated to herbal medicine. In July 2015 the patch inspired the creation of a new business. Although it’s still small, it is now a staple apothecary to the residents and Lower East Siders alike. I joined eager to put my herbalism certification to good use while learning much-needed marketing skills.

I spent most of my time researching. My schedule was flexible; most of the work was online, so I got to work from home most days. I had to go into the workspace to do most of the inventory, but even most of meetings with my supervisor were held on Zoom. This was a nice change of pace seeing as none of my previous jobs had the option to be remote. At first, it was a challenge to put in place time management skills. Having weekly deadlines before one on one meetings with the owner was a big help. Now I feel my time management skills have grown, as well as my ability to work under pressure.

This internship was invaluable for the life I’d like to lead. I learned so many amazing skills that I can’t wait to take with me into the workforce. I am a Liberal Studies major. To me that means learning as many diverse skills as I can, so that I can “do it all” as a jack of all trades, with a well-rounded education. This experience was the most well-rounded I could have had. Learning how a small business works from start to finish was a challenge to every fiber of my being. Although this was a marketing internship, I learned that every detail matters. See the Marketing Internship webpage I created.