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Associate Provost

Dear Campus Community:

It is a great pleasure to announce that Dr. Gregory Taylor has been named Associate Provost of Academic Affairs. Dr. Taylor has served in the role as an interim for over a year. Dr. Taylor’s performance in the position has been outstanding. Once appointed interim, Dr. Taylor went about creating relationships with our compliance partners at Middle States, NY State Ed, and SUNY that have served the college very well. Dr. Taylor’s longstanding experience at the college has assisted in revising program reviews, sharpening our efforts to assess learning outcomes, and improving governance and oversight by faculty of curriculum and course proposals.

I recommended to Interim President Dennis Craig that Dr. Taylor be appointed Associate Provost. He accepted my recommendation and approved Dr. Taylor’s appointment with the support of the President’s Cabinet and incoming president, Dr. Milagros Pena.

Dr. Gregory Taylor is the author of Artists in the Audience: Cults, Camp, and American Film Criticism (Princeton University Press), a landmark study of American film criticism, along with articles addressing subjects such as taste, modernism, the avant-garde, and arts education. A Purchase College faculty member since 1993, Dr. Taylor has taught a wide variety of courses in cinema studies and related fields, and has served as Coordinator of the Cinema Studies program, Interim Dean of the Conservatory of Theatre Arts & Film, and Director of the Conservatory of Theatre Arts.

Dr. Taylor holds a BA from the University of Toronto, and an MA and PhD in Communication Arts-Film from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.