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Finals and Dealing with Stress

With final exams and graduation near, students are busy wrapping up their year and facing changes.

Students may feel overwhelmed and share those feelings with you.

Below, Cathie Chester, director of counseling, offers tips to share with your student. 

  • Avoid stress tornados

    Keep a resilient perspective, tackle things one day at a time. Write a list, tick off completed things, revise and don’t stop moving forward.
  • Take breaks and move

    Get outdoors, refuel, use the gym, Wellness Center, or take a short walk to give your body the change it needs to perform at peak energy level.
  • Get enough sleep

    Sleep at night and avoid sleep deprivation caused by over-work or over-play. Coffee is not a sleep substitute; it can’t overcome lack of time spent learning while awake or consolidating while asleep.
  • Connect with others

    While the support of friends is important, it might be better to speak with someone who is not experiencing the same level of stress. The campus Success Network includes many offices for various kinds of help. The Counseling Center offers drop-in groups for managing stress as well as walk-in mental health care in a crisis.