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Avoid Traffic and Parking Tickets

Purchase College is part of the State University of New York system, therefore our roadways and parking lots are subject to New York State traffic and parking regulations.

Registration and inspection stickers, as well as speed limits and parking rules, are all subject to the same regulations as if driving or parking in your own municipality.   

We encourage all community members to drive safely within the speed limits and park according to posted rules to avoid infractions.

Some things to consider:

•Parking passes are good for one year and must be renewed every August.

•Students must park in assigned lots only, which are listed on the parking pass.

•Passes must be placed only on the back driver’s side window. If placed anywhere else, the vehicle will be ticketed.

•Students who wish to appeal must do so online within two weeks of receiving the ticket. If they do not appeal within that timeframe they will be required to pay the ticket.

•Unpaid tickets can result in booting of vehicles. Purchase College is a scofflaw jurisdiction, therefore unpaid parking tickets may be reported to DMV rendering vehicle owners unable to renew the registration until paid.