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Getting Ready for Your Winter Online Class

Tips for online learning this winter.

Our Winter courses are fully online. They can be accessed by logging into the Purchase College learning management system Moodle. Instructors will post a welcome message and breakdown of the approximate amount of time students should expect to spend on each task before the first day.

A good rule of thumb is to plan to dedicate approximately 30-40 hours per week for a 4-credit course taken over a 4-week period. This amount of time is required to ensure that you learn all that you would in a course that is typically conducted over a 15-week semester.


Students should have reliable access to a computer and the Internet, and should be able to easily view standard media files (i.e., PDFs, images, audio, and video). Courses require basic computer skills, including basic Windows or Macintosh usage, Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or equivalent applications, saving files, cutting, copying, saving, sending/receiving, and uploading/downloading files.

Even though the format is asynchronous (meaning you can work at your own pace), instructors may specify due dates for specific assignments or threaded discussion participation. If you expect to be traveling during the course, be sure to have reliable internet access.


Moodle can be accessed directly From that page, prospective students can view a Moodle tutorial.

After you’ve registered for a course, you can access all of your online courses four days before the start date. Log in with your Purchase username and password. Go to “Categorized Course List” on the front page. Questions can be directed at our Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center (TLTC) at


Your Purchase email account is the sole email account used for online class communications. From the Purchase portal navigate to the email link found in the lower third column under “other resources.” If you need to reactivate your password go to The password you choose is also used for other systems on campus such as Moodle and myHeliotrope. Contact: Computer Technology Services or (914) 251-6465 if you encounter issues.


Online students are responsible for understanding and adhering to Purchase College’s Academic Integrity standards, the same as every Purchase student.


Students seeking accommodations must contact the Office of Disability Resources as soon as possible to discuss the steps to register with the office


Phone: (914) 251-6035

Confidential Fax: (914) 251-5934