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Re-Acclimating to Family Life

College students returning home can be an adjustment for all.

Right now your students are gearing up for final exams. Factor in the holidays and you realize just how stressful the last weeks of the fall semester are college students.

Grades, money, travel arrangements, and time to relax or sleep are typical priorities that may require your student’s full attention into their first week at home.  

Families can help by recognizing that changes in needs and routines have occurred for everyone while your students have been busy at college. 

Below we’ve provided some tips online for helping your students assimilate back into family life this winter: 

  • Allow your student some time to rest and recover in December; wait until January to encourage them to make plans, exercise, or socialize to avoid boredom as their break progresses.
  • Let your student share information about college gradually and avoid “dinner table” discussions of details.
  • Involve your student in the planning process for activities or schedules and seek their input for preferences.
  • Ask your student what their top material needs may be with next semester in mind and fold those ideas into gift giving.
  • Emphasize enduring family connection as students grow and change; students seek reassurance to face the future and you can always help!

Please visit the Counseling Center if you have concerns about your student.