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The Search Process

What is the process for selecting a new president?

The College Council is given the responsibility to form a search committee to conduct the search for the new president.

The Search committee consists of representatives from all campus constituencies including the college council, faculty, students, alumni, Foundation, academic deans, and professional staff. Also serving on the committee is an incumbent or retired SUNY president from another campus. A Chancellor’s representative serves as a non-voting member.

How are the chair and the search committee members selected?

The college council chair selects the chair of the search committee. The Council Chair typically serves as co-chair. The Council chair asks campus and community groups, including the campus governance leader, to submit recommendations for positions on the search committee other than faculty positions.

Faculty positions are by nomination and election. The nomination process will be created by the faculty governance leader, the chair(s) of the search committee, and the Chancellor’s representative.

How is the search conducted?

A search firm will be selected through an RFP process conducted by the search committee. The search firm will work with the search committee, the Chief Diversity Officer, and the Chancellor’s office to develop the job description, the required and preferred qualifications for the position, as well as the campus prospectus that describes the college, including its current strengths, opportunities, and challenges and information about the SUNY system.

The schedule and duration of the search will be determined by the Council Chair and the Chancellor’s office.

The search committee, and the Chief Diversity Officer or his/her designee on the committee, will review the pool and ultimately select 8–12 candidates who will be interviewed off site. From this group, semi-finalists will be selected and invited to campus.

Up until the time when semi-finalists come to campus, the search is conducted with full confidentiality.

The semi-finalists are evaluated and all acceptable candidates are presented, with evaluations from the search committee, first to the College Council, and then upon approval of the College Council, to the Chancellor. At least three acceptable finalist candidates are presented to the Chancellor. The names of the finalist candidates are sent to the Chancellor unranked—hence leaving the ultimate decision to the Chancellor.

What is the approval process after the campus and College Council review?

The Chancellor interviews the candidates. Candidates are asked to provide a presentation to the Trustees and senior staff of SUNY.

The Chancellor makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees. Three trustees interview the candidate prior to interviews by the full board. The finalist attends a Board of Trustees meeting before final appointment.

For More Information

For those interested in further details, please visit SUNY Presidential Search Guidelines.