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Welcome Back - Fall 2018 Technology Upgrades


Welcome Fall 2018

Campus Technology Services welcomes our new freshmen and transfers, staff and faculty for the fall 2018 semester.


This summer we worked hard to implement improvements in existing services and facilities approved by the Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) last spring, and to add new services for the campus community.

Lab Upgrades:

CTS installed over 200 new computers in various labs across campus. Major labs upgraded include:

  1. Library LI1004b 
  2. Library LI1004c
  3. Library LI1004d
  4. Library 1015a (the DMZ)
  5. Library 1015c (the DMZ)
  6. Library: new iMac computers in the Digital Audio Labs (DMZ)
  7. Humanities 1054
  8. Humanities 2034
  9. Natural Sciences 1063 (Planetarium)
  10. Visual Arts 1018c

Many other smaller special-purpose labs around campus were also upgraded.


Smart Classrooms:

The Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) and the Statu University Construction Fund (SUCF) funded an equipment upgrade for smart rooms in Social Sciences 1006 as well as the Library 0001 classroom. These upgrades are underway. 


Adobe Creative Cloud Upgrade: All Mac and PC computer labs and smart classrooms have been upgraded to the latest version, 2018.

Other ITAC funded upgrades include:

  1. VA: 1 new plotter for Photography, Embroidery Machine, New 27” iMacs for VA1021, VA2029, VA0009, VA2010
  2. FMS/VA: 16 new VR 3D Goggles, 60” LED TV
  3. Theatre Arts: New Speakers
  4. Music:1 new iMac for Beat Suite Studio, Upgrade to Avid Pro-Tools and other Plug-ins in Music studios
  5. NSS: Mathematica License Renewal, Vision Software, instrumentation, Qualtrics Renewal, and other upgrades.
  6. CTS central Loan Pool: 35 more microphones
  7. SmartRooms: new teaching stations in Library1014, NS1001, NS1059, NS2027, NS3052, NS3053
  8. Journalism: 6 Cameras, 6 microphones, 2 iPads 

Internet Bandwidth Upgrade:

To keep pace with increasesd use of internet services across campus, CTS in in the process of upgrading our internet bandwidth  from 1.8gb to 3gb.

Wi-Fi Service:

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) is available throughout the academic buildings and the Library, Big Haus, Crossroads, Farside, Outback, the Commons, the Olde, Alumni Village, and Fort Awesome residence halls.If you live in any campus housing facility, your residence complex already has Wi-Fi service. Installing personally owned Wi-Fi routers is prohibited since they may interfere with college provided Wi-Fi services.


The CTS computer/device registration system simplifies getting your devices onto the campus network.You can register your computer as well as any other devices you wish to use (e.g. smartphones, routers, and gaming consoles) through the Purchase Network Registration page.A more thorough explanation and instructions for connecting laptops and mobile devices to our wireless network, please refer to the instructions at Get Connected to the Purchase Network.Note that if you already registered a device last semester, you do not have to do so again.


Visitors without a Purchase account can use the Purchase Guest Wi-Fi network to connect while in CTS wireless areas. Visitors can ask their Campus host for the wireless passphrase that can be found on the CTS Knowledge Base. The PurchaseGuest network is limited to basic Internet Web services.


Answers to many other Frequently Asked Questions can be found in the Knowledge Base.

Administrative Systems

We will be rolling out a new Purchase Event attendance Tracking System this fall. Designed to accomodate General Education and other needs, this system allows you to establish an event and then take attendance by scanning More Cards with any smartphone. The pilot was very successfull, at one Orientation event, 280 attendee’s cards were scanned in less than 15 minutes.


CTS Launched a new version of the Broadcast Email (BEM) system (used for this message.) New features include a tabbed iunterface, the ability to copy previous messages, responsive templates for mobile devices, and headers for ADA compliance. 


CTS Service Center Hours:

August 27th to September 7th:8am-9:45pm Monday-Thursday, Friday 8am-6:45pm, September 10thto December 14thMonday-Thursday 8am-7:45pm, Friday 8am-4:45pm

When classes are not in session: Monday-Friday 8am-4:45pm

  |  914.251.6460

Purchase College, State University of New York, 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY 10577