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New Online Device Assignment and Tracking (DAT) System


In 2015 the College implemented the computer Device Assignment and Tracking Policy. This policy is intended to ensure the College is able to maintain complete and accurate records showing who is in possession of the college’s computing devices.

Acquisition of computing devices and their assignment and re-assignment to individual employees often occurs within individual departments, out of sight of Campus Technology Services or any central office. The purpose of the Device Assignment Tracking system is to track who is currently in possession of each device.  Maintenance of accurate and complete property control records is the responsibility of the department that purchases the property.  

All new computing devices purchased by departments should be brought to CTS to be joined to the College’s domain for Single-Sign-on, and to have college-licensed software installed on them.

When a computing device is re-assigned from one employee in your department to another, CTS should be notified so that the device can be refreshed – clearing out personal records and preferences for the former device holder, and refreshing college-licensed software.

CTS has developed a new online system to replace the original paper assignment and supervisor certification processes.

The new Device Assignment and Tracking (DAT) system contains all of the existing device assignments for your unit. DAT allows you to easily re-assign computers within your unit, and to add any new devices that you may have purchased.

Please review the DAT system for your unit to make sure that it accurately reflects current device assignments within your department – and that it is complete.

After reviewing for accuracy, please use the Supervisor “Certify” function to indicate that you have reviewed your department’s assignment records, and they are accurate and complete. We ask that unit heads certify their department’s device assignments at least once per year.   

Please review your unit’s device assignments in the DAT system.

The DAT system allows supervisors to:

  1. Assign a newly purchased device to a staff member in your unit.

The recipient of the device is notified by email, and can acknowledge/approve the assignment by visiting the DAT system (no more paper forms.)

  1. Re-assign computers from one staff member in your unit to another.
  2. Revise device records to accurately reflect cost, device attributes, and other information.
  3. Retire computers that are outdated and are no longer in your department’s Possession.
  4. Review the pool of devices held by your unit and not currently assigned to anyone.
  5. Perform the annual device assignment certification for your department.
  6. Assign a delegate to act on behalf of the unit head.

As the current department/unit head, you may verify the completeness and accuracy of these records as you see fit.

Please note that the new online new Device Assignment and Tracking (DAT) system  does not replace or overlap any property control requirements or procedures for College equipment – all of which remain in place. The DAT system only tells us who has possession of the device, which can be important since Laptops and other devices may not have a fixed location.