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Summer Session III: Featuring Digital Photography

Online Course taught by Deborah Mesa-Pelly

Recently, I asked Deborah Mesa-Pelly how should someone prepare to take the course online and how it’s distinct from the in-person version.

Since this is a introduction to digital photography course photographic files can be easily uploaded and shared via Tumblr. The presentation of projects will not be different compared to a face to face course. Tumblr will be utilized mainly as a portfolio of photographic series that can be shared with classmates. Feedback will be provided via Tumblr as well. Students should have a DSLR camera already or be prepared to borrow one from CTS (the Computing Technology Center on campus).

I also asked about one great thing that a student can expect to learn in the course.

The attempt to record the world around us is part of our everyday reality; students will learn to use a digital camera to its fullest creative potential!

Finally, I thought students would be curious to learn more about the instructor herself.

“I am a faculty member at Purchase College teaching in the photography program. I am an exhibiting artist in the practice of photography. My background enables me to bring new perspectives to the traditions of the medium.”