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Hands On Summer Course: Intro to Video

A conversation with James Mehiel

Thank you for taking the time to talk about your course today.

Are there characteristics of students who do particularly well in this course?

Students who are are not afraid to ask questions do well in my courses. This is an intro course and so I encourage students to ask all the most basic questions that come to mind. Also, students who enjoy working with others will do well in this course. A major part of the course will be a group project where each member will take on a specific role and be responsible to their group for completing their part of the project. So being reliable will also help.

How does the summer schedule impact the pace of the course?

The course is going to fly by! We have several projects to complete in a brief amount of time and I like to pack as much information as possible into each lesson. The course normally has a sense of urgency to it already, partly because, in my experience, that is how the world of video production feels, but also because there are so many fun things to cover we need to move fast!

What is the most interesting thing students will learn as a result of taking Intro to Video Techniques and Technology?

That will probably differ case by case basis, but my favorite thing is to watch the students’ faces when they realize for the first time how much “real sound” makes a video “look” more professional. But, without a doubt, the experience of making a short film in a group, with the pressure of a grade, a deadline and a final screening creates a unique experience that will offer each student lessons that are sure to inform the rest of their video making careers.

About me:

James Mehiel (BFA in Film)

Recently taught film workshops at five of the most prestigious art institutes in China as part of the Arts Abroad Program recruitment for Purchase College. Has worked as an editor, director, videographer and script writer on Films, Television Shows and Video Production for over a decade in New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans. Currently working toward the completion of his second feature length documentary film.


If interested, there are still spots available to enroll in his course:

CRN 20046 COM1400 Intro to Video Techniques

Dates: Monday & Wednesdays 6:30p-09:10p

Summer Session II: 06/04/18-07/27/18