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My Proof of Purchase

ON CAMPUS INTERNSHIP: Career Development Center
On-Campus internships can be an eye opening experience especially when you are working with students. Being a student intern at Purchase has allowed me to learn about the opportunities that Purchase College has to offer. Through this experience I was able to introduce other students to on-campus career events and other programs to help enrich their Purchase college experience just like I was able to enrich mine. Fortunately, interning for the Career Development Center as a Peer Career Liaison has taught me some important skills needed for my future career in social work. Those include: providing career services information and referral to students, peer counseling skills, creating marketing materials to attract students to the events on campus, and promoting skills for services, programs and events. This internship put me in a position where I am able to interact with other students and counsel them with help they may need, such as using Purchase Job Score to find jobs and internships. This on-campus internship has helped me become a better peer counselor and has helped me “level up” in the skills needed for me to be a good social worker in the future.
Key Professional Skills I Developed: Peer Counseling Skills, Marketing & Promoting Skills, Career Service Skills

Off-campus internships have given me a firsthand look into what it’s like to work in the “real world.” I was in a position where I was able to actually intern at the place I hoped to work for in the near future. Interning at Mount Sinai gave me the experience needed to decide whether or not this was something I still wanted to do.  It allowed experience whether I would choose if this was still for me or not. As a Preventable Admissions Care Team Intern at Mount Sinai, I was given the opportunity to shadow the social work staff by providing assistance to patients at high-risk for hospital re-admissions. I was also taught how to manage data entry which is important to know in social work, so having the opportunity to learn these skills has taught me how to be a compassionate person in the work place patients need compassionate, caring and helpful people who understand what high-risk patients need.   As a care provider, I learned to help take care of those patient’s needs. Being able to do an off-campus internship has helped confirm what it’s like to work at the job where I see myself working for in the near future. 
Professional Skills I developed: Data Entry Skills, Emotional Intelligence Skills, and Communication & Active Listening Skills

- Jahkaya Tellezpugh, Peer Career Liaison