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Featured Summer Course: Social Organizations

Taught by Chrys Ingraham, Coordinator of Sociology Major@Purchase

What makes your course unique?

We all engage with social organizations at some point in our lives.  The study of organizations reveals a great deal about a culture.  Given that we spend more time in these settings than most other parts of our culture, to study the mission of a variety of institutions is critically important to understanding social worlds.

In this online course, we will explore through a range of readings and short essays the ways social interactions, beliefs, and values feature in the everyday life of organizations.

What can students gain by taking the course?

One particular analytical skill students that also provides with a powerful leadership tool is systems thinking.  

To learn more about Professor Chrys Ingraham, visit her faculty profile.

She will be teaching two courses this summer

CRN 20017 SOC3235 Social Organizations (Session III)


CRN 20001 SOC1500 Intro to Sociology (Session I)