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Be a Star at the Job & Internship Fair!

Want to make the best impression at the Job & Internship Fair? Here are 5 great tips to WOW employers on the big day!

1) Do Your Research: Do your research before attending the fair.  It is important to know which employers you are interested in and to have some knowledge of those specific organizations. Prepare questions to ask about the organization that are not easily learned through their website. Be sure to check the Job & Internship page for an up-to-date listing of participating organizations.

2) Polish Your Resume: Bring plenty of copies of your resume and/or portfolio samples.  Make sure your resume is ready. Schedule an appointment with a career counselor or come to our Walk-in Hours for a resume critique and other helpful tips.

3) Dress to Impress: Dress in “smart casual” attire – neat jeans, khakis, pants, or a skirt; a collared shirt or sweater, a blazer, and nice shoes. Remember that you want to make a good first impression!  Join us for our “Closet Swap” during Job Fair Prep Day– bring your resume or clothing to swap for professional attire.

4) Prepare Your Pitch: While you do not want to sound scripted, you want to be prepared to effectively introduce yourself to employers. Practice what you will say about yourself ahead of time. A career counselor could help you to further polish your pitch. 

5) Follow-Up: Collect any business cards and information that you may want to refer back to later.  Make sure to follow-up with prospective employers you have met.  You might just land your next opportunity!