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Financial Scam targeting SUNY Students

From several channels today we have heard about a sophisticated email phishing scam targeting SUNY students that is currently active and ongoing. Criminals are targeting students who are due to receive refunds from their campus.

The scam starts with an email that mimics advisory alerts sent by the IT department. Students are tricked into entering their email and password information, and then this information is being used to change their direct deposit information.
As always, Purchase College IT staff  will never ask you to provide your computer credentials (ID/Password) via email or an online form. 
When logging into Purchase College systems, always check the URL to make sure it uses https (secure Web traffic protocol) and verify that it really is a Purchase College system with a domain name ending in
For example:  “”
or                    “”  
or (banner)     ”
Please do not share your credentials with anyone, for any reason.