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Welcome Back! Alumni Village Wi-Fi Completed, Library and NS Lab Upgrades

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a nice winter break.

Library Lab 1004C, the Library Reference Area, and the Natural Sciences Planetarium Lab computers have all been upgraded with faster and more efficient hardware over the break.

The Library DMZ Audio Lab Mac Pros have been updated with new software including as the latest version of Sibelius, Komplete, and BFD. 

A full list of campus lab software (including new installations for spring 2018, software versions, printers, and other features can be found at

Visitors without a Purchase account can use the Purchase Guest Wi-Fi network to connect while in academic buildings and residence halls.  Visitors can ask their Campus host for the wireless passphrase that can be found in the CTS Knowledge Base at  The Purchase Guest network is limited to basic Internet web services.

If you are living on campus:

The CTS computer/device registration system makes it easy to get your devices onto the campus network.  You can register your computer and other devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles) online at https://connect.purchase.eduThis device registration page only works on campus.  A more thorough explanation and instructions can be found at: Get Connected to the Purchase Network.  Note that if you already registered a device last semester, you do not have to do so again.

CTS has completed Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) installation in Alumni Village, and Wi-Fi service is now available in all campus residential buildings.

Be advised that Installing personally owned Wi-Fi routers is now prohibited since they may interfere with college provided Wi-Fi services.

All of your devices must be registered for campus Wi-Fi service. “Devices” include smart phones, tablets, Laptops, Game Consoles, etc.

Unregistered devices that attempt to connect will not receive service until they are registered. To register devices go to

We do our best to help everyone with Wi-Fi service, but there can be no guarantee regarding speeds over wireless due to the nature of Wi-Fi service. 

Please remember that all residential rooms contain wired Internet ports which provide 100mbps service - which is faster than Wi-Fi - and which is not shared or subject to interference. 

To connect laptops and mobile devices to our wireless network, please refer to the instructions on the CTS Knowledge Base at

CTS Service Center Hours:

Location:  Social Sciences basement, room 0025
Phone:  (914) 251-6465
Submit a service request or equipment request online at:
First two weeks of the semester:      Monday-Thursday 8am-9:45pm, Friday 8am-5:45pm
Remainder of semester:                   Monday-Thursday 8am-7:45pm, Friday 8am-4:45pm
When classes are not in session:     Monday-Friday 8am-4:45pm