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Verify your Credentials before your first class - Guest account to be discontinued

Purchase College Faculty:

Your Purchase College credentials work on any computer on campus, and are used for email, Class Lists, Moodle, Banner, and everything else.

Please make sure to use your Purchase College credentials when you log in to classroom/lab and office computers. 

Please allow a few extra moments to make sure your credentials are working properly before your first class session in each room.

If you have trouble logging into a classroom or lab computer using your Purchase College username and password, please use the hotline phone installed in the room to contact CTS for immediate assistance. 

You may also call (914) 251-6465 from your cell phone to reach the Helpdesk. 

If you have been using the Purchase.Guest account in the past, please note this account will be discontinued in mid-February - and the Purchase.Guest account will no longer work.

Thank you and have a great semester!

Campus Technology Services

(914) 251-6465