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A letter to my fellow seniors

Recent graduate Derick Ansah has a few words of encouragement. 

Congratulations to you all. There are very few experiences like finally receiving that cap and gown and eventually walking across the stage in front all your family and friends. As you prepare for your day of celebration, please take a moment to consider my words as I share with you what has made my post graduation reality a successful one.

Like myself, many of you have an idea of how life should look as you enter the real world. Through my experiences and shared wisdom from those before me, I have identified and utilized three mandatory elements needed for this transition.

The first element is vision. Some of you will graduate with a vision for the next five years of your life and some of you will be completely lost. This is all normal, but do not settle for average. Take the time out to create a plan for yourself. Imagine a career or job with a trajectory that fits your interests. There is nothing more empowering than preparation. The second element is research. Do not wait until after graduation to begin searching for that ideal career or job. Begin as early as you possibly can because there are many opportunities out there that can be secured even while you are still an undergraduate student. Do not fall into the cultural expectation that you should accept any position offered to you because you are a recent graduate. Go and take what you believe is yours. Spend as much time as you can searching and applying to these opportunities.

Lastly, the final element is adaption. In May of 2017, I graduated with the first two elements mastered, but I soon learned that it didn’t mean my vision would go according to plan. Although I was able to accomplish some of my big goals in the first six months after graduation, I quickly realized that I wanted a completely new career path. Your ability to adapt and not romanticize your original plan will be key in this journey. Do not be afraid to modify your vision.

Today, I am beginning my own company called The Flynance Organization with my dear friend Max Pearce who also happens to be a Purchase senior. As an organization our goal is to create a robust hands-on program that focuses equally on the professional development and athletic progression of student athletes. Our ultimate goal is to shape a community of student athletes that possess the necessary tools required for success in avenues other than sports.

My fellow seniors, you are on the verge of a new and exciting chapter in your lives. Pursue it with great confidence and enjoyment. Nothing is impossible in the world we live in today. Create your own path and once again, congratulations to you all!

Yours truly,

Derick Ansah ’17