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Top 10 Reasons To Go to the Grad School Expo

You might be thinking… “Why do I need to go to a grad school expo when I could just get the info I need online?”

There is so much more that you could gain from attending the Expo. Here are our TOP 10 Reasons to Get Ready for the November 20th Grad School Expo:

10) Benefit from face-to-face interactions with program representatives. Hear directly from admissions reps about what they are looking for in a candidate and get your questions answered that you may not easily find on the website.

9) Gain a competitive edge by making a great first impression. Take advantage of the opportunity to make personal connections with representatives at your top choice schools.

8) Gather an immense amount of knowledge from multiple schools within a short amount of time. Think of the Grad School Expo as your one-stop-shopping for graduate school information. You’ll leave with hand-outs, business cards, and a ton of useful information for graduate school planning.

7) Get a jump start on knowing the requirements and prerequisites for programs.  Start to plan what coursework, experiential activities and other requirements you can be fulfilling while you are at Purchase. 

6) Learn about funding your education. Find out about scholarships, fellowships and other graduate school funding opportunities offered by the various programs.

5) Snag an application fee waiver. A number of the graduate school programs will be offering application fee waivers to Expo participants. Only those who attend will be eligible!

4) Enter for a chance to win a raffle prize. You could score some swag items from your dream school or and other prizes.

3) Get answers to your burning questions. Admissions reps are there to answer any questions you may have. It helps to do a little research ahead of time and then come with a few questions. Think about what you want to know and what will help you most in your planning process. Now is the perfect time to ask!

2) Discover new opportunities. You might already have an idea of where you want to apply. Or not. It doesn’t matter! Come to the Expo to explore– you might find the perfect program that wasn’t even on your radar yet.

1) Let them meet YOU! Graduate school programs hand select which schools they will visit during their busy recruiting season. The participating colleges and universities have chosen our Expo because they want to meet and recruit the bright and talented students at Purchase College– So, come by, say hello and hear what they have to say!

2019 Grad School Expo
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
11:30am - 2:00pm
Performing Arts Center

View the Grad Expo Participant List!