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What You Should Know: The Counseling Center

Parents should encourage students to take advantage of the resources available on campus.

The Counseling Center has already welcomed many new and returning students this fall.

By mid-semester, we typically see an increase in the number of students who are concerned about some aspect of campus life: work load, social relations, or emotional distress. This is no surprise: As students adjust to college and take on an array of new challenges, many will struggle and possibly fail at something—maybe for the first time.

Research has demonstrated that emotional wellbeing, rather than academic success, is the best indicator of whether students will persist at college. Please be assured there are many resources available to help students find their way when things go wrong.

Your encouragement is key. Parents can help by understanding it takes time to learn to balance the heavy intellectual load with emotional and social demands. But, we find that students grow enormously from the experience of solving their own problems. By encouraging them to seek help and try new strategies, you’re fostering a resilient mindset and self-management skills that will be priceless in their futures.

How Parents Can Help:

  • Talk to your students about more than academics—ask them about their ups and downs, peace of mind, and self-care routines.
  • Follow-up—have an ongoing dialogue if you have concerns.
  • Encourage them to explore options for assistance: a good place to start is the Student Success Network page.
  • Use the time over the winter break to dig into what they’ve experienced and how they are handling their problems.  
  • Contact us if you would like us to invite your student to use our service.

The Counseling Center provides clinical services include individual, couples, and group therapy free of charge for matriculated (degree-seeking) students.

We use a brief treatment approach and try to resolve student concerns as quickly as possible. If we believe ongoing counseling would be beneficial, or if the concerns presented are outside our scope of service, we work with students to identify local community resources.

Any student may consult with us in an emergency. Any matriculated student may schedule an appointment by calling (914) 251-6390.

Cathie Chester
Director, Counseling Center