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Tips for Handling Midterm Examination Time

Share these tips with your students to ensure success on midterms.

Right about now your students are noticing the changing colors of the leaves and are thinking about Halloween and other fun fall events and activities.

But lurking in the background, they might be worried about midterm exams that are just around the corner. It’s normal.  

They should be a little anxious about midterms—a little stress is a good thing. But too much stress can cause more problems. 

Below are some tried and true hints that can help with ensuring success on midterms. Feel free to share these with your students.

Don’t wait until the week before midterms to start studying. Assuming they are using a planner (or phone, or whatever “device” works in terms of keeping track of their assignments), make sure they follow it. In other words, get/stay organized and start preparing now.

Pick a quiet place to study. They should stay away from distractions, most importantly their friends.

Turn off the cell phone! Even just for an hour (if that’s remotely possible.)

Regular, healthy meals are the way to go. Too much junk food from the library vending machines is not going to help.

Join or start a study group. Discussing aloud the subjects or facts sends signals to the brain and makes it easier to remember the information.

Utilize the tutors in the Learning Center. They really are there to help. Visit the Learning Center website.

Go to the instructor’s office hours. Review some of the topics that are best to study.

Patricia Bice is Dean of Student Affairs in the Student Success office.