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What You Should Know: Tips from the Advising Center

Ryan Homsey, director of academic resources, offers tips for your students to start the year off right.

Dear Parents and Families:

I’m Ryan Homsey, director of academic resources and a member of the Advising Center. The Advising Center supports and supplements the College’s faculty-based advising program. We serve students from all majors and in all stages of their academic career, paying close attention to students in our BA/BS programs, particularly those who are new, undeclared, or interested in changing majors.
We want to share a few, simple insider tips that can help students succeed:

  • Students should get to know their professors and instructors, and give their faculty a chance to get to know them. Our faculty are invested in your student’s success.
  • The Learning Center offers free tutoring services, available to all students. Encourage your student to take advantage of the free assistance early in the semester. Waiting until their first midterm isn’t the best step toward success.
  • Students will find that managing their time in college is very different than high school. Students are expected to use their time outside of the classroom wisely because that is when they will focus on readings, assignments, and other projects.
  • Students should speak to their academic advisor at any point if they have questions about their academic journey.