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Are SHORTs for you?

What are SHORTs? 

They are 2-credit courses that begin half-way through the semester (week of March 14th) They require attendance at all class meetings, and completion of all homework and graded assignments. Click here to see spring’s short courses.

When can I register for a SHORT? 

Registration for Shorts begins Feb. 21st.

Who should take one? 

  1. Students interested in skill-building, who want to be in course with a rigorous practice dedicated to a specific area. 
  2. Students who might fall below 12 credits and might be at risk of losing their residence hall status or financial aid 
  3. Students who want to graduate in 4 years, or need to keep 15 credits for Excelsior.

Can I take more than one? 

No. Given the faster-paced nature of learning in this course, we recommend only taking one per semester

Who shouldn’t take one? 

  1. Students who can’t keep up with their workloads during a regular semester. 
  2. Students who have too many obligations that might prevent them from taking these courses seriously.

When will these topics be offered again? 

  • Each semester we offer 3-4 courses with about 20-25 seats. 
  • In the past, we’ve offered courses in Spoken Word, Negation Skills, Making On-Camera Presentation, Teamwork, etc.

If I have questions, who should I ask?

Trudy Milburn | Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences