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Changes to Moodle Course Defaults

Moodle 3.3.1 allows instructors to control the number of weeks or topics from the course front page; you no longer have to do this via Course Settings. You will need to add weeks to your course in order to add course content or perform a course import.

The first step of setting up any course on Moodle is to add the desired number of Weeks (default format). You must specify the number of weeks in your Moodle course before you attempt to import or before you can add content.

Detailed directions are available at the Moodle Basics guide and below.

To add weeks to your course:

  • login to Moodle and navigate to the desired course via the Categorized Course List
  • click on the “Turn editing on” button, located at upper right side of your course main page
  • click on the “+Add Week” link on the lower right side of your Week / Topic “zero” area
  • specify the desired number of weeks that you would like to display in your course. You can add as many or as few as you’d like. The standard number of weeks for Fall and Spring semesters is 15.
  • you will now see the designated number of weeks presented on your course’s front page.

Detailed directions are available at the Moodle Basics guide.

Your course will become available to student view on Thursday, August 24. If you choose to hide your Moodle space after this date, remember to make the course available to your students.

Additional Moodle directions for how to: