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Apple Computer Purchases for Labs and Smart Classrooms

 Apple Computer Purchases for Labs & Smart Classrooms:

1. As of May 2017, Apple no longer offers on-site warranty service for their computers. The Apple certified repair shops they referred us to are also no longer willing to offer onsite warranty service. Any Apple computer needing warranty service must be transported to a certified repair facility – an Apple retail outlet or an Apple certified repair shop. To offset the expense of transporting computers in need of repair, the budgetary figure for the purchase of every Apple computer bought for labs and smart classrooms must include both the cost of an Applecare Warranty and an additional service fee of $100 to cover the expense of a Helpdesk technician’s time to transport the computer to a repair shop, and to pick up the computer once it’s repaired. The repairs themselves are subject to the terms of the Apple Care warranty agreement.

2. Since transport and repair times are expected to increase significantly, more Apple “loaner computers” will be needed. For every 10 computers requested for labs and smart classrooms, 1 additional spare computer must be purchased to be used in place of a broken computer that is out for repairs.