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Take a Communication Course this Summer

This summer we’re offering a unique blend of communication and/or media-related courses.

Two new online courses include:


COM3150 Celebrity Culture NEW

Investigates celebrity culture through the lens of advertising and public relations. Particular attention is paid to how celebrity culture is created and shaped by various forms of media, ranging from print to social media platforms. Students consider the ways celebrities create change and consider their impact on public and private lives.

COM3380 Integrated Marketing Communication NEW

This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals needed to build an integrated marketing
communications plan: creating a common objective, aligning strategies, and producing a consistent message. By considering each
marketing function (i.e. paid advertising, public relations, social media, point of purchase and digital marketing), students will learn how
to execute campaigns for maximum impact.

In addition we have:

CIN3400 Contemporary Global Cinema

CMS3160 - American Subcultures in Film

CMS3210 The Comedy Film

COM3300 Management & Communication

COM3320 Documentary Production

COM3365 Advanced Psychology of Communication