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The DOs and DON’Ts of Taking Winter Courses

By taking a course this winter, students can stay on track to graduate in four years. Here are the essential DOs and DON’Ts of taking winter college courses:


  • Take a general education course
  • Take a required course for your major
  • Take a fun elective
  • Take a course that you may have been unable to take during the academic year because the course was filled to capacity. Courses are capped to ensure that students are able to receive the individualized attention they need.
  • Get back on track to earn that diploma on time. Work it!
  • Encourage siblings to take a winter course too; we can provide a sample syllabus to enable pre-approval by the home college.


  • Assume that winter break is too busy of a time to make academic progress.
  • Delay graduation just because a required course was full or you had to withdraw (or didn’t get a passing grade?). 
  • Confuse the quality of the course with its delivery mode. Online courses are every bit as rigorous as in-person, face-to-face courses; they’re simply designed differently. All online courses at Purchase College are vetted by our Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center.