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Q&A With Jeanette Briggs - Class of 2014

Why did you originally choose to take courses at Purchase College?

It was nearby, in a bucolic setting, and offered art classes that interested me.


Where have you been since graduating with a B.A. in Liberal Studies: Arts?

My career path took a pleasant turn when Port Chester Council for the Arts offered me a freelance job teaching art in the after-school program. I suppose all my past art classes helped prepare me for this, but the transferred-credit art therapy course I took gave me the most practical ideas as I began doing projects with elementary-school children. Dr. Butterfield’s Developmental Psychology course has also often come to mind.

In addition to teaching part-time, I sometimes freelance as a proofreader/editor/copywriter. However, getting approval from a client for the occasional advertising copy I wrote does not hold a candle to having one of my personal essays appear in print, which happened twice last year. The first acceptance was a story I revised during Melissa Febos’s Memoir class. The second acceptance was “City Stories,” which appeared in the online publication Diverse Voices Quarterly. Just last week I was thrilled to learn that DVQ included this essay in their nominations for Best of the Net:

One other Purchase-related honor I received this year was a blue ribbon for a photo I took as part of Deborah Mesa-Pelly’s Digital Photography class.


What lessons you’ve taken with you from your time Purchase College?

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” — George Eliot (One researcher says this quote is wrongly attributed to her, but it’s still a good one)


Do you have a favorite memory as a Purchase student?

One fond memory is when I decided to do “The Twist” in Jim Koeppel’s history through music class, instead of just playing and discussing the song. My husband came that night to make sure I wouldn’t have to dance alone, and another student joined in too! I don’t remember history classes ever being that much fun!