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Fort Awesome Exterior Sill and Masonry Repairs Project

Repair brick mortar joint cracking at the window sills

Project Update as of Aug. 27, 2018

The contractor is in the final stages of completing their work on this project. The repair work done over this summer (replacement of window sills, masonry joint expansion and repairs, and leader replacement), was a continuation of the work that started last summer, and focused on the north and east facades of the building . They are finishing the leader work and are schedule to be completed this week.

Access to the building will remain open.

Project Overview

One of our dormitory buildings, referred to as Fort Awesome, has developed exterior masonry and window sill problems, leading to facade deterioration. A study was commissioned by DASNY to determine the cause of the problems. The architectural design firm Superstructures was hired to investigate, develop a report of their findings, and create a strategy to implement repairs.

The report concluded that the facade is exhibiting brick mortar joint cracking at the window sills, and vertical cracking in the bricks at the relieving angle. The horizontal soft joints on the facade are also problematic, causing additional brick cracking. This project will address these problems and includes widening the existing horizontal soft joints to prevent the bricks from continuing to crack, replace bricks that have already cracked due to this condition, and replace a number of window sills.

A stabilization project occurred last summer to eliminate any potential safety concerns. The larger repair project is scheduled to begin this summer.


Timeline   /  Construction

Lead Agency / DASNY

Design / Superstructures

Contractor / Lupini Construction