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Introduction to Accessible Content Management

Throughout the month of February, Campus Technology Services (CTS) with the support of Communications and Creative Services (CCS) will host a series of mandatory workshops specifically designed to train every content manager how to create and maintain web-pages in full compliance with ADA standards. 

The Purchase College State University of New York website is the college’s most important marketing tool—drawing prospective students and influencers, as well as donors, alumni, friends, and community members. It is the real-time, dynamic face of our brand, and it’s success depends on content managers to keep it current, accurate, and bursting with new and compelling content.

We must ensure it remains accessible to ALL who visit, including those with visual, auditory, memory, context, or physical mobility impairments. 

The workshop is required for all content managers and those who do not attend will be at risk of having editing rights revoked. (Attend a single workshop only—the same content is repeated each time.)

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