Robin’s Sweet 16~


10:00pm  — 1:30am


The Stood
You are informally invited to Robin Richards’s sweet 16!!! Join the birthday girl in yhe stood and celebrate her coming one year closer to the sweet cold embrace of the grave.If you’ve ever wanted to do drag, this is your chance! come to the haus of Richards, hosted by the current reigning Fall Ball Queen, Robin Richards where you can hang out, mingle, or just try out drag for yourself, we will have a sign up sheet where people can pull up songs on youtube and perform their own lipsyncs! If you are making a mix please make sure it is under 7 minutes and easily accessible via youtube. All kings queens and quings welcome! event starts at 10:00 in Witsons, hope to see you all there ♥
Hosted by: LGBTQU
Additional Information can be found at: