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Mobile Device Ownership Stipend

Under certain limited circumstances, faculty members may request that the college subsidize their purchase of a mobile electronic device via payment of a Mobile Ownership Stipend. These circumstances may include, but not be limited to, sensitive research needs, creative production, and the need to manipulate or otherwise alter the device firmware or hardware.

Faculty members applying for a Mobile Ownership Stipend shall submit a brief written justification to their supervisor. The request must specify the type of device the faculty member intends to purchase and the amount of stipend requested. The request shall be reviewed and evaluated by the board-of-study coordinator, chair or director, and provost’s office, based on faculty needs and preferences, proposed utilization for teaching/research, and academic program needs.

If the request is approved, a one-time stipend, in an amount to be determined by the board-of-study coordinator, chair or director, and provost, shall be provided to support individual ownership, maintenance, and software needs for the mobile device over an expected life span of four years. Departure from college service prior to the fourth anniversary of the stipend may result in a request to return the device to the college. The Mobile Ownership Stipend would be eligible for renewal every fourth year to align with the college’s existing faculty computer replacement policy.

Individuals receiving a stipend may not receive a computer under the normal faculty computer replacement cycle that provides college-owned and college-supported devices. In almost all cases, it is likely to be an either/or choice (faculty computer or mobile stipend). Both programs intend to ensure faculty have access to a computer in their offices for communication, advising, and research. At the end of the four-year cycle, faculty may choose to opt into the normal college-owned faculty computer replacement cycle again.

Maintenance and Support

With the Mobile Ownership Stipend, you are responsible for any support, maintenance, or repairs over the life of the device. It is strongly recommended that you obtain warranty coverage for the life of the device, and to cover the device under your homeowners or renters insurance.

If you apply for a Mobile Ownership Stipend, no college administrative account will be created on the machine. Without necessary administrative credentials, college support for personally owned computers is limited.

The machine will not be automatically joined to the college network by default. You may still access the college Wi-Fi network by logging in with your college credentials.

As a courtesy, CTS will provide basic on-site support for your device, as is done for student-owned machines. This good-faith-effort is typically defined as up to an hour—under normal circumstances. All parts and software required for service activities must be provided by the customer.

If you do bring the device to CTS for support, you will be asked to provide a temporary administrative-level account for the technician’s use. If any software re-installation is recommended, you will need to provide your software license keys and media.

Please note that CTS reserves the right to decline to provide service for personal devices for any reason.

Software and Printing

College-provided concurrent-use software licenses will not be available for your use. (College-licensed software includes, but is not limited to, Microsoft Office, Apple iWork software suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Creative Suites, AutoCad architectural suite, SPSS statistics, font libraries, and other software with concurrent-use licenses.)

Note that Microsoft and other vendors offer “work-at-home” licenses to college employees at substantial discounts. More information can be found on the Downloads and Software page. Microsoft Office and Windows—for $9.75 each—and other products can be obtained from the aforementioned page.

Since personally owned devices are not joined to the domain, network print services are not available.

Accessing college-provided software/print services from your personally-owned computers:

CTS provides a VPN to access your campus desktop computer. If you do not have a desktop computer in your office, there is also a Terminal Server you can use to connect to a standard Windows virtual desktop. (Note that Apple does not allow virtualization of its operating systems or hardware.) Campus-licensed concurrent-use software and print services may be available through the VPN or the Terminal Server.

Submitting a Request

Requests for a Mobile Ownership Stipend can be brief. Please include:

  • The reason the stipend is being requested. Research privacy, creative production, and the need to modify or alter the device are valid reasons.
  • Description of proposed utilization for teaching/research
  • The amount being requested
  • Acknowledgement of implications regarding college software, printing, and support

Submit the request to the coordinator of your board of study. If approved, the coordinator will forward approval to the chair or director for review. If the chair or director approve, the request will be forwarded to the dean and the provost’s office for review and final determination as to the funding amount.

Surrendering a Device

Surrender of device in connection with litigation discovery demands, Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request, and/or to protect the college’s interests

At the direction of the college’s legal counsel and a college vice president, any mobile device obtained through this program shall promptly be surrendered to the college for purposes of complying with discovery in litigation, Freedom of Information Law requests, and/or as may be needed to protect the legal interests of the college. Upon surrender, the college shall undertake a search of the contents of the device. Such search shall be narrowly tailored to the specific matter or matters at issue. To the extent practicable, the device shall promptly be returned to the owner. If, in the sole opinion of college legal counsel, the device must be maintained in college custody, the college shall copy the contents of the device’s hard drive and/or memory and provide the owner with a temporary replacement device.


Mobile Ownership Stipend Request

Purchase College / State University of New York

• I am requesting a Mobile Ownership Stipend in the amount of $

• I am requesting a Mobile Ownership Stipend because:

• I intend to use the stipend to support my teaching/research in the following ways: 


I have read and agree to the terms of the Mobile Ownership Stipend Policy.

(Employee signature / date) 



I approve the issuance of a Mobile Ownership Stipend to the employee:
(Supervisor / date)


I approve the issuance of a Mobile Ownership Stipend to the employee:
(Chair/Director signature / date)


I approve the issuance of a Mobile Ownership Stipend to the employee:
(Dean signature / date)


I approve the issuance of a Mobile Ownership Stipend in the amount of $

(Officer signature / date)