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UUP Salary Equity Study

During negotiations for the 2016-2022 State/UUP Agreement, the parties agreed to develop guidelines and a methodology for a salary equity study to be conducted at each campus. The purpose of such a study is to identify compression and inversion for UUP-represented employees. Salary inversion may exist when new employees are hired at salaries higher than experienced employees; compression may exist when salaries of experienced employees fail to maintain distance above salaries of new employees.

A State/SUNY/UUP executive-level committee developed guidelines and a methodology to analyze and identify the extent of salary compression and inversion, and the adopted guidelines and methodology have been utilized at Purchase College.

The agreement between the State and UUP includes using 0.5% of the DSI to address identified compression and inversion. Campuses had the ability to use the full amount to address compression and inversion. The College President made the decision to use the full amount to address compression. DSI will be paid in the December 21, 2022 paycheck. Those that received DSI were notified by Human Resources. The summary of specific considerations made in the distribution of DSI can be viewed by clicking on the following link: 2022 Compression Report Form.

If you should have any specific issues or concerns regarding the analysis completed at Purchase College, please contact Human Resources at

Date Posted: 12/06/2022