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I’m new to Moodle. How can I get started?

A great place to start getting familiar with Moodle is at the Moodle Basics and Moodle Beyond Basics help guides.

These help guides are geared toward faculty and walk you through getting logged into Moodle, locating your courses, and working with the system in step-by-step detail.

Additionally, the Moodle Basics Webinar Series will get instructors up and running with our learning management system:

You can also self-enroll (no enrollment key necessary) to access the Moodle Foundations Certificate mini-course. Work through the modules at your own pace to get more familiar with the system along in combination with the Moodle Basics help guide. You’ll be Moodle-ing in no time!

Link to this FAQ: I’m new to Moodle. How do I get started?