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Small Projects and Alterations to Buildings

An alteration to the existing facilities is defined as any change, rearrangement or addition to a building, other than repairs; any modification in construction or in building equipment and systems. 

Included are such items as: new door openings; partitions; conversion of a space from one function or activity to another; additions to a building system (additional electric outlets, additional plumbing fixtures, additional lighting, etc.); installation of supplemental air-conditioning; and remodeling.

Any proposed alteration to the existing campus facilities must be approved by the appropriate Vice President, Dean, Director, or Department Head via the Project Request Form (PRF) before any plans or specifications for the work are developed. The person requesting the alteration must provide the following information on a project request form to begin the process:

  1. Justification for the alteration
  2. Description of the scope of work
  3. Approval as referenced on the PRF
  4. Funding source and estimated allowable budget

The PRF will then need to be E-mailed to for review. If an alteration is approved, the Facilities Management Group will work with the Dean, Director, Department Head or their designee and develop detailed plans, specifications, and bid documents.