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How do I unenroll from courses on Moodle?

Student and faculty enrollments in Moodle are controlled by Banner/the Registrar. Please login to MyHeliotrope in order to check your official course enrollments.

If you notice inconsistencies between your class lists / registration in MyHeliotrope and your enrollments in Moodle, you will need to create a ticket using the CTS Helpdesk Work Order Tracking System (WOT) to request that data be synced between the two systems. Be sure to include the course’s CRN, Title, and Instructor in the Work Order details.

Please see My class lists on MyHeliotrope and Moodle don’t match. What should I do? for more information.

TLTC staff cannot unenroll / remove users from Moodle courses.

Link to this FAQ: How do I unenroll from courses on Moodle?