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Transfer Credit Policy: BFA and MusB Programs

BFA programs in the Conservatory of Theatre Arts require four years to complete. The standard residency requirement in the Conservatory of Dance BFA program is four years (eight semesters), with rare exceptions; the minimum residency requirement is three years (six semesters). Students who transfer to the School of Art+Design from other colleges or universities must study in residence for a minimum of four semesters (two years).

Students receive an evaluation of their credits at the time of admission to the college. Undergraduate students transferring to a BFA or MusB program may transfer credits as follows:

Conservatory of Dance: Students may transfer a maximum of 36 liberal arts credits toward the BFA, but cannot transfer dance credits.

Conservatory of Music: Students may transfer a maximum of 66 credits (up to 36 liberal arts and 30 music credits) toward the MusB. Under extraordinary circumstances, a student may transfer up to 90 credits (36 liberal arts and 60 music credits) with permission from both the area head (faculty coordinator) and the director of the Conservatory of Music.

Conservatory of Theatre Arts (BFA only): Students may transfer a maximum of 36 liberal arts credits toward the BFA. The conservatory may allow some professional transfer credits, but rarely beyond the freshman level.

School of Art+Design: Undergraduate students may transfer a maximum of 69 credits (up to 24 studio art credits, 9 art history credits, and an additional 36 liberal art credits) toward the BFA. All upper-level studio art courses required for the BFA majors in the School of Art+Design must be completed at Purchase College. Please note that art credits from other schools are not automatically transferable. Undergraduate visual arts studio credit is awarded only:

  1. for arts courses, in which the student has earned a grade of C or higher, that can be considered applicable to the visual arts program; and
  2. upon recommendation of the School of Art+Design faculty, based on the quality of work presented in the student’s portfolio.