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Transfer Credit Policy: BA and BS Programs

A maximum of 90 credits—including a maximum of 75 lower-level (freshman-sophomore) credits—may be accepted in transfer to an undergraduate BA or BS program at Purchase College. All students in these programs, regardless of credits transferred, must satisfy all academic requirements (or their equivalencies) for the major and the degree. The number and type of transferable credits are determined by the college at the time of admission, according to the following guidelines.

  1. Quarter credits accepted in transfer are converted to semester credits. Unless otherwise specified, one quarter equals ⅔ of a semester credit; for example, 5 quarter credits equal 3⅓ semester credits.
  2. A maximum of 30 non-liberal arts transfer credits can be applied toward the total minimum requirement of 120 credits. Non-liberal arts credits are those in such areas as agriculture, business, engineering, nursing, and education.
  3. A maximum of 4 physical education credits can be applied toward a BA or BS.
  4. Grades of D or higher are accepted in transfer credit, although several boards of study will accept only grades of C or higher in satisfaction of major requirements. Students should consult with their board of study after registration.
  5. Credits can be accepted only from accredited institutions. This includes accredited proprietary schools.
  6. Advanced Placement* (AP) exam scores of 3, 4, or 5 will transfer. (Because credits vary with each exam, students should consult with the registrar.) A maximum of 30 credits will be accepted.
  7. A maximum of 30 credits will be accepted through the College Level Examination Program* (CLEP). Transfer is evaluated by review of each individual test score.
  8. Acceptance of a course for transfer credit does not guarantee acceptance for board of study requirements. Students should check with their board of study after registration.
  9. Courses taught elsewhere for 3 credits, which are taught at Purchase for 4 credits, will transfer as 3 credits.

*Information about AP and CLEP is available at

School of Art+Design: BS Program in Visual Arts

Of the maximum 90 transfer credits allowed, undergraduate students may transfer a maximum of 20 studio art credits and 9 art history credits. All upper-level studio art courses required for the BS major in the School of Art+Design must be completed at Purchase College. Please note that art credits from other schools are not automatically transferable. Visual arts studio credit is awarded only:

  1. for those arts courses, in which the student has earned a grade of C or higher, that can be considered applicable to the visual arts program; and
  2. upon recommendation of the School of Art+Design faculty, based on the quality of work presented in the student’s portfolio.