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What I Want Guests to Take Away from My Tours

November 01, 2017
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By Zaire Anderson ’19, Printmaking Major and Global Black Studies Minor from Brooklyn, NY 


When I give tours I always want to be as personal as possible with prospective students. Beyond the amount of parents who often also attend tours, I always try to connect with students. Through this I try to create a more relaxed atmosphere, one that suggests we’re just peers and the tour is just a conversation.

I know how it feels to be apprehensive about college and about the future in general, so whatever I can do to make students feel more comfortable makes the tour much more engaging.

As I walk all these different people around Purchase and talk to them largely through a lens that only I hold, I’ve found that I most want people to realize how much I love Purchase. I hope that with every tour guests are receiving my experiences and feeling the energy that I’m sharing.

While Purchase may not be the right fit for some students, I want each student I come across to know that joy and love for the experiences and lessons I’m learning while gaining higher education.

This college process is an incredibly stressful and difficult one for a variety of reasons, so if students realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel while on my tours, I consider that a job well done.