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An Interview With Our New Dean, Caitlin Read

November 20, 2017
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    Caitlin Read

Interview by Emma Corcoran ’18, Psychology Major and Sociology Minor from Brooklyn, NY


Emma Corcoran: What drew you to Purchase?

Caitlin Read: I love the energy and creativity of the students and faculty here.  I find the passion students have about their majors (whether they are in Biology or Art + Design) inspiring.  It is a school that has a great reputation but still has untapped potential in the prospective student market.  I have also found the upper administration here to be very approachable, student-focused, and receptive to new ideas, which is a wonderful environment to work in. 


EC: Do you have a favorite spot on campus yet?

CR: I am constantly walking back and forth from the  Administration Building to the Student Services Building and I have begun to really enjoy it.  


EC: What do you find interesting about your role so far as Dean of Enrollment Management? Is it similar to a position you’ve held previously?

CR: I love that my role enables me to interact with many different faculty members and administrators across campus.  I am enjoying learning about all of the important work they and their students are doing and ways in which we can better relay that information to a prospective student audience as well as improve processes for applicants and enrolling students.  While the responsibilities are very similar to my last position, Purchase is a unique place with a much different culture and academic offerings.  


EC: What are you looking forward to the most in this new job?

CR: I am looking forward to continuing to learn about the College and working to promote the image of the school.   I am hoping to open up the line of communication between the academic departments and the Admissions office and also create a more intentional strategy around  and enrolling students in order to meet our institutional goals and objectives.  


EC: What are some goals you have for your time at Purchase?

CR: In addition to what I mentioned above I would like to work more collaboratively with Communications & Creative Services to create a communication plan/marketing strategy that emphasizes the value proposition of a Purchase degree. I believe that we are able to offer students a transformative academic and artistic experience at a reasonable cost. 


EC: Is there anything in particular you’d want to convey to the Purchase community?

CR: I would like the community to see Enrollment as a partner in helping to promote the Institution as well as individual programs.  


EC: I know you have your MFA; where do you draw inspiration for writing?

I draw a lot of information from Shelter Island where I grew up but also from the people I meet and interact with in my daily life.  I love hearing about people’s lives and family dynamics.  


EC: What is one thing you want prospective students to know about Purchase?

CR: How motivated, talented, and bright our students are.  They are really our best advertisement.  Who wouldn’t want to be part of such a supportive and diverse community of learners?