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What I’d Like Guests to Take Away from My Tours

October 25, 2017
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    Emma Corcoran, ’18
    Psychology Major from Brooklyn, NY

by Emma Corcoran ’18, Psychology and Sociology major from Brooklyn, NY

While it’s important to know the locations of buildings and the different majors Purchase offers, I also want guests to know that Purchase is full of creativity, self-expression, and opportunities, regardless of major. Students have opportunities to showcase their talents and personalities throughout their time at Purchase.

Additionally, Purchase offers a space conducive to both personal and academic growth. I want guests to have an idea of how students take advantage of these opportunities and use them as a stepping stone toward their goals.

Students utilize the Neuberger Museum of Art and the Performing Arts Center to expand their perspective on art, performance, and music, attend Lecture Series to learn about new topics being explored in science, and participate in discussions through clubs, guests, and faculty members to open a dialogue about things happening in the world around us.

These kinds of learning and exploring are available to Purchase students every day and allow students to gain a very holistic education.

While Purchase may not be the right fit for everyone out there (and that’s totally okay!), students who find their place here have an abundance of avenues to explore, discover, and further themselves!