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A Conversation Between Sociology Majors

September 27, 2017
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    Maya Jingles

With Danny Smith and Maya Jingles


Danny Smith: How did you choose to be a sociology major?

Maya Jingles: I was a psychology major, and I interned at the Wellness Center with two sociology majors. I thought their classes sounded cool, and I decided to take some. One elective I took really stood out: Sociology of Bodies and Embodiment with Kristen Karlberg.

DS: I took that, too! It was a really awesome class. It definitely influenced my decision to be a sociology major, too. It was really interesting to read about embodied experiences in a whole new way. It really gives you more perspective.

MJ: Yeah, sociology seems more personal to me than psychology. The research is more based on personal experience. I knew I wanted my senior project to be something along those lines, and since psych is so based in quantitative research, I decided to drop it.

DS: That’s part of the reason I changed my major as well. I was a liberal studies major, which is one of the only majors that doesn’t do a traditional Purchase senior project (instead it’s a senior capstone, which is one semester and involves a bit less freedom and autonomy). I had an idea for a research project that I really wanted to do, so I decided to take this route even though it meant that I needed to stay an extra year. Who are some of your favorite professors?

MJ: Kristen Karlberg, Chrys Ingraham, and Alexis Silver, but I also really love all the psych professors. I took some great classes with them. In Sociology I want to take Birth and Death, Intro to Teaching, and Sex, Drugs and Gray Hair.

DS: I took that last semester! It was an awesome class. My favorite thing we did was an interview with an older adult. I learned a lot about aging and ageism. Are there any non-sociology classes you want to take?

MJ: I think I want to do an internship with the Children’s Center on campus, but I don’t know if I’ll have time for it. I also want to take more anthropology classes, because I took Intro to Anthropology and really enjoyed it.

DS: I took that, too, and I’ve taken a few other interesting ones. New Black Ethnographies with Shaka McGlotten was good, and I’ve heard great things about David Kim.

MJ: There are a lot of interesting psych classes that I really think everyone should take. My favorite professor in the psych department is Krystal Perkins. I took Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination with her, Psych of Stigma, and Human Neuropsychology- that one was hard.

DS: That sounds hard! 

MJ: It was difficult but really interesting!


The end! In conclusion, sociology is a really cool major. It’s great for people who are interested in the way society functions and the ways in which people interact. It’s not uncommon for students to take a while to find their place at Purchase, so don’t worry if you’re coming in Undeclared or if you have a nagging feeling that you might need to try different things before settling on a major.

Both Maya and I went through a bunch of different ideas for what we wanted to major in before ultimately finding the right one for us. Purchase is a great place to experiment with different majors and activities until you find your place.