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Ambassador Interview: David McLachlan

October 24, 2017
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    David McLachlan, ’19
    Graphic Design Major from Bohemia, NY

Interview conducted by Melina Finck

Melina Finck: David, what’s your favorite place on campus?

David McLachlan: My favorite building is the VA! (Visual Arts Building)

MF: Oh, why do you say that?

DM: Well, my favorite part of the VA is the print shop. I love it because most other schools that I applied to didn’t have that kind of facility and I made a lot of prints in high school, so coming to Purchase for the first time made me fall in love with that space!

MF: That’s so nice! What do you use the print shop for?

DM: I use the print shop for printmaking processes including classes that I have taken in Wood Cut, Intaglio, and Silk Screen. Each process is such a unique and different way of creating art, which is something I wouldn’t have been able to explore in this same way unless I went to Purchase. But other than the processes, the shop itself is huge! There are specific spaces for each printmaking technique.

MF: Wow, I had no idea! What’s the best class you’ve taken so far in Art+Design?

DM: I would have to say Intro to Silk Screen because it’s my favorite printmaking medium. As a Graphic Design major, I was able to take my Photoshop skills and transform them into physical prints in which I could reproduce endlessly with the style of silk screen.

MF: That sounds like a great class. I know you’re only a junior, but as a Graphic Design major, what are you thinking about doing for your senior project?

DM: So obviously I’m interested in print, so I definitely want to include some sort of printmaking process to overlap with what I’ve learned in Graphic Design. But I have yet to determine what form I want the project to be. Definitely something I can reproduce a lot and distribute to the Purchase Community.

MF: Awesome, David! Thanks for answering all my fun questions!

DM: No, thank YOU Melina!